How to Grow an Indoor Herbs Garden the Easy Way?

Having an indoor herb garden of your own might sound like a good idea to you if you love cooking and need fresh herbs every now and then, just like me. Even if you don’t really enjoy spending your time with various kitchen appliances, indoor herbs garden still prove to be quite beneficial. Growing a lavender, for example, can provide you the lovely fresh fragrance that you won’t get in any commercial aerosol room sprays. I hope I’ve already gotten you excited right now, so I can go on with the to-do list.

How to grow herbs indoor

  1. Find the best spot to place your little indoor herb garden
  2. Provide ample drainage, so you won’t mess up anything
  3. Set the temperature right, one that makes your herbs happy

Only three steps, you ask? Well, that’s all there is to it. Growing herbs indoor is pretty simple actually. It’s not a rocket science at all. Some people have bad luck on it only because they don’t pay the necessary attention to the details. I’ll walk you through it, so no worry.

Where to place your herbs indoor?

If you’re much of a cook like me, you will want to have your indoor herbs garden right in the kitchen, where you can clip fresh leaves without leaving the foods you’re cooking. You can also put it near the bathroom if the herbs you plant also act as an aromatherapy. Whichever spot you will choose, make sure that it gets enough exposure to sun light. Most herbs depend heavily on natural light. You have to make sure that your herbs get the light they need at least for four hours everyday.

If this is an issue to you, I recommend getting a best LED grow light. You can of course pick out other grow lights like, fluorescent or HPS, which is cheaper. With these panels set up, you no longer need to worry that your lovely herb garden will wither even when the sun doesn’t seem so bright. (more…)

Amazing Patio Lighting Ideas

Your patio is one of the most used outdoor areas of your home.  It’s really an extension of your house and functions more as an additional room than as a part of your yard.  Your patio can be used to cook up a barbecue, entertain people, eat your meals, or just as a tranquil place to relax after a long day and read a book or sip some drinks.  With myriad ways you can use your patio why would you want the sun to dictate when you can and can’t use it?  Using some great patio lighting ideas, you can brighten your patio area and give it a character of its own at night.

When you’re trying to come up with great patio lighting ideas you need to first take into account the size of your patio.  How many lights will it actually take for the patio to be lit?  Also think about what type of mood your want to set and what you are going to be using your patio for.  If you’re planning on having romantic dinners the lighting that you’ll want to install will be much different than if you were planning on reading or setting up an outdoor bar.  If you are planning on installing an bar, the outdoor bar guide is a great resource for setup and lighting options.  Once you’ve decided what level and color of light that you want, you can move on to installing the light fixtures.

The Top Patio Lighting Fixtures


Lighting your Baby Nursery

If you are expecting a new addition to the family, you are probably planning your baby nursery design. While most parents-to-be are hectic figuring out the best colors or the overall design scheme, they may forget about an important aspect of the room: proper lighting for the nursery. Lighting is an important consideration when planning a nursery. Poor lighting may result in minor or even major accidents for your baby! A well-lit nursery with the right level of indoor lighting at the right time of day will do wonders for your baby’s sleep routine, and as you might already know, promote growth and brain development.

Your baby’s first year is an important and critical stage in life. This is why so much emphasis is placed on having a wide range of nursery light fixtures. It’s good to have light fixtures for ambient lighting, area lighting, subdued nursery lighting and en route lighting installed pre-delivery.

Ambient lighting serves to brighten up an entire nursery. The most popular lighting fixtures are nursery chandeliers, mini chandeliers, recessed baby ceiling lighting, hanging nursery lamps, children’s ceiling fans, wall baby lamps and wall sconces.

For specific tasks performed in the nursery, such as feeding and diaper changing, area light is necessary. You will want to shed a bright, concentrated light on a specific area without flooding the whole space with glaring light, or you might stimulate your sleepy baby’s senses and cause him to wake up. To give you that bright ray of light, you may want to use wall sconces, baby floor lamps, floor chandeliers or table nursery lamps.

There will be unavoidable moments when your baby will need you in the middle of the night. As parents, you will need a soft nursery light to guide you as you are moving around the room. Additionally, a soft light will not wake up your baby, nor will it aggravate him. Your choices for soft nursery lights range from a ceiling light with a dimmer switch, plugged-in night lights, a night light lamp, fairy lights, paper lanterns with lights inside, a teddy night light, a monorail that comes with a night light, or a soft light show. (more…)

Lighting Your Bathroom Safely

For homeowners wanting to make a statement in the bathroom, it can be extremely tempting to just plunk in a light fixture that creates quite an impression. However, doing so may compromise your safety. Bathroom lighting, aside from meeting functional requirements, must also address safety concerns. Remember this is an area exposed to water and moisture. If safety is not practiced, homeowners and their guests may face the risk of being shocked, electrocuted or worse. It is still possible to put up lovely bathroom lights, provided you follow these simple safety tips.

In wet areas, such as above the shower or the tub, it’s beneficial to install a recessed bathroom light. There are those that are designed to resist moisture, which make them the safest option.

A general ceiling bath light fixture is adequate for providing lighting for general tasks like dressing and cleaning. Other bath lighting may be too small, and may not be enough to light the place properly, which may result in bumps and other accidents.

For shaving or applying make up, homeowners should consider bathroom vanity lighting in the form of a bathroom wall light. Place wall fixtures about 26” to 28” apart from each other, and at least 60” above the floor. A wall fixture on either side of the bathroom mirror also ensures ample lighting.

It is also advisable to put a separate bathroom light fixture in a separate toilet compartment. This, again, is to prevent bumps and other accidents due to a dark area. (more…)


Technology moves along ever faster, and that means continual improvement for eco friendly solar panels and LED light bulbs, both of which are key components to all exterior solar lighting.  It has gotten to the point where a high quality solar light fixture using an energy-sipping LED light bulb can last for eight or more hours per charge, often at strengths that approach conventional lighting.

If the weather has you thinking about installing an outdoor lighting system in the garden, solar garden lights may have a part to play if you’re looking to save energy.  Here are four kinds of solar landscape lights you can expect to find:

Lighting up your landscape with Best Solar Path Lights

You have surely seen these before–they line many a garden pathway.  Available in all kinds of shapes, sizes and colors, they now come with a dusk to dawn sensor that tells the light when to light up and when to recharge the battery.  Not only can you opt for short lights with a spike you put into the ground, but also other options such as hanging lanterns, and they all suit the same purpose of providing a lighting aura to assist you in finding your way along any pathway.

Solar Path Lights

Solar Post Lights

Think of the romantic Victorian gaslights that used to line the streets before electricity made them obsolete.  Available in all kinds of materials, such as aluminum, brass, or iron, among others, these large LED solar post lights recreate the nostalgia of years gone by in a far more energy efficient manner. Not only do they bear a solar sensor and rechargeable battery, but each fixture will likely also have a series of reflecting plates to magnify the available light.  These lights are understandably much more expensive than other options, but if you have the budget and the right spot in your garden to put them, they can make a marvelous addition to light your yard at night.

Solar Spot Lights

If security or a spotlight on an object is more your concern, solar LED lights have something for you, too.  Either way, you need a powerful light that can be brought to bear on either your beautiful fountain or that burglar lurking in your bushes.  The joint feature these lights share in common is that they are actually comprised of multiple LED bulbs.  A security light may have 80 or more of these tiny bulbs that together make for an overpowering light that will stop illegal activity in its tracks.  A spotlight to highlight a garden feature or tree only needs about three or so bulbs to achieve the intended effect.  Solar security lights have the added benefit of coming with motion sensors, which will turn the light on exactly when it is needed.

Solar Specialty Lights

The last category catches everything else that can be grouped generally under the term of “decorative lighting”.  Only your imagination limits what you can choose.  You can find tiny pinnacle lights, stepping stone lights, water feature lights, little lanterns, and a multitude of lights in various shapes and colors to make your garden shine at night–but you will need something else for more powerful guiding or spot lights. (more…)


Lights outside the front of homes used to be a very expensive affair, and an elaborate outside lighting setup was really reserved for those people that were in high paid jobs and had some cash to spare.  However, with recent advances in technology, it is now possible to light the front of your home for very little cost indeed.  Lighting outside the front of your home does not only look great, but it also provides a very effective deterrent to thieves and other people that may be up to no good.  Here are a few of your options when looking at lights for the outside of your home:

Porch lights

Porch lights go next to your front door and are essential for you to see who is at your front door and what they’re up to, as well as to help light the way to your front entryway at night.  You can get lights that are motion controlled if you prefer, so they only come on when people get near your home.  These are a great way to save electricity because you don’t have to remember to switch them on and off and they don’t remain on for long extended periods of time.

Driveway lights

These are another good way of lighting the front of your home.  Solar powered driveway lights are very easy to install, as they require no cables.  They produce a dim, but useful, light and will allow you to see where the lock is on your car and will also help guide your car up and down the driveway.  They’re also very handy for highlighting the silhouettes of people, and so again will provide a useful deterrent against thieves. (more…)

Use Bright LED and Light Up Your House Beautifully

The blend of LED and light has resulted in numerous rewards to the human race. The lighting solutions that perform based on the LED technologies are considered to be far superior as compared to the other alternatives accessible in the industry these days. You can now use super bright LED and light up your home beautifully.

There are innumerable benefits offered by the LED light bar as compared to other options like xenon lamps and halogen light bars.

LED lamps are also way far better compared to incandescent and CFL lights and can be utilized to replace them everywhere. What makes these LED lights so valuable is their power efficiency with excellent luminosity for low wattage. Thus, you can make do with a 4 – five Watt LED lamp exactly where even a 20 Watt lamp of one more range wouldn’t suffice.
The improved lighting output in lumens makes it possible for you to light up your home, both inside and outside with out actually worrying about the power bills. This becomes especially valuable when you want to maintain the lighting in your driveways, on your stair railings, in the gardens and around the poolside on for long hours.
You can use LED and light the exteriors of your home without really worrying about the climate. This is one more critical benefit of LED lamps. LED lamps and light bars typically come in very dependable and sturdy ABS, polycarbonate or die cast and extruded aluminum housing.

The polycarbonate bases and UV inhibitor domes supply excellent encapsulation which also keeps the LED lamps, moisture and corrosion resistant. In reality, LED light bars can also be created vibration and high impact resistant, which enhances their longevity to a excellent degree. (more…)

Selecting The Right Kitchen Lights – Artistic Kitchen Lighting Ideas


When it comes to lighting ideas for the home, there are so many options to choose from. The right kind and intensity of lighting needs to be chosen for different rooms.  The living room lighting can be a blend of proper lighting as well as dull lighting as this is the place where you would like to chill out with friends and family.  Also, bedroom lighting should be dull as it is the place where one unwinds after a hard day at work. Once can never underestimate the importance of the lighting in the kitchen as the lady of the home cooks food in this corner of her home.  Hence, thought should be given to the right kitchen lighting ideas.

Type of kitchen lighting ideas

The kitchen is undoubtedly that place of your home where you work, cook and serve.  Irrespective of the type of kitchen you have, you need to prepare and serve food for self and family. All the kitchen appliances and equipments are kept in the kitchen and hence one should have proper lighting in the kitchen.  The kitchen cannot look dull and hence make sure to spice it up with bright lighting so that there is enough light when you are cooking a meal and also having your food.  Many modern day kitchens also have a dining table and chairs which mean they also have their food in the kitchen, so you need to choose the right lighting for the kitchen.

Browse the internet

The internet provides a whole lot of information about the latest trends in lighting.  The overall appearance and ambience of the kitchen change, if you have installed the right lighting and lighting arrangements.  It is imperative that both functionality and utility be matched so that everything works out properly.  Check out for kitchen lighting ideas.

Functional lighting is what is in trend nowadays; go for halogen bulbs, recessed lights or even fluorescent bulbs depending on what suits you.  One can also purchase decorative lights which are affordably priced nowadays and these truly lend an ornamental look.  The ornamental look is due to the metal or wrought iron, nickel or pewter finish of the lights.  There are coloured as well as etched lighting that is available. (more…)

Modern Kitchen: Best Decorating Ideas

Many people now choose to have modern kitchen as their kitchen design. This is probably due to the fact that modern design for the kitchen will give a sleek and clean look, which is really nice for a hygiene place like kitchen to have. The minimalist nature of the modern design can as well minimize the budget for designing the kitchen.

Modern Kitchen Design and Decoration

Modern Kitchen Painting Choice

It is better to wisely choose for the color choice of the modern kitchen. The best color choice of the wall color and furniture of the modern design kitchen is white, silver, and black. The neutral color is very necessary in giving the modern identity to the kitchen. This also allows the decoration to stand out in color.

Contemporary Modern Kitchen Design Ideas

Decoration for the Modern Kitchen

Wall decoration can be a good idea for the modern design kitchen. A large metal sculpture, for example, can be another decoration for the kitchen. Some modern kitchen accessories can serve on functionality and style as well. For example, wine bottles and also coffeemakers can be a nice touch to this modern design kitchen. (more…)

New Kitchen Design Ideas

Are you have a small place for your kitchen? Small kitchen is not a problem for you to be creative. We will inspire how you can transform a small place into your dream kitchen. Talking about kitchen interior design, you need to know that in a small kitchen design has a variety of forms. before Design Your Own Kitchen, you should know that the kitchen design requires a very detailed plan. everything should be planned from start to finish in detail. before you add a variety of items for your kitchen, keep in mind that the kitchen should not lose its main function. A good kitchen should have all the required items without consuming much space. The following are various examples of Design Kitchen Cabinets, hopefully can inspire you.

Kitchen Design

Small Kitchen Design

Modern Kitchens Design (more…)