Lighting Your Bathroom Safely

Bathroom lighting

For homeowners wanting to make a statement in the bathroom, it can be extremely tempting to just plunk in a light fixture that creates quite an impression. However, doing so may compromise your safety. Bathroom lighting, aside from meeting functional requirements, must also address safety concerns. Remember this is an area exposed to water and moisture. If safety is not practiced, homeowners and their guests may face the risk of being shocked, electrocuted or worse. It is still possible to put up lovely bathroom lights, provided you follow these simple safety tips.

In wet areas, such as above the shower or the tub, it’s beneficial to install a recessed bathroom light. There are those that are designed to resist moisture, which make them the safest option.

A general ceiling bath light fixture is adequate for providing lighting for general tasks like dressing and cleaning. Other bath lighting may be too small, and may not be enough to light the place properly, which may result in bumps and other accidents.

For shaving or applying make up, homeowners should consider bathroom vanity lighting in the form of a bathroom wall light. Place wall fixtures about 26” to 28” apart from each other, and at least 60” above the floor. A wall fixture on either side of the bathroom mirror also ensures ample lighting.

It is also advisable to put a separate bathroom light fixture in a separate toilet compartment. This, again, is to prevent bumps and other accidents due to a dark area.

A great idea is to invest in a night light for the bathroom. Homeowners may either use a traditional nightlight, or get bath lighting that comes with dimmers. Low-voltage linear lighting mounted in the toe-kick area, which is beneath the vanity or the base cabinets, are a big help in preventing toe stubs.

When thinking about bathroom lighting fixtures, also keep our safety tips in mind. You will find that these tips will not in any way sacrifice the aesthetics of your bathroom. Instead, they will enhance it and make it a more enjoyable space to relax and unwind in

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