Lighting your Baby Nursery

Lighting your Baby Nursery

If you are expecting a new addition to the family, you are probably planning your baby nursery design. While most parents-to-be are hectic figuring out the best colors or the overall design scheme, they may forget about an important aspect of the room: proper lighting for the nursery. Lighting is an important consideration when planning a nursery. Poor lighting may result in minor or even major accidents for your baby! A well-lit nursery with the right level of indoor lighting at the right time of day will do wonders for your baby’s sleep routine, and as you might already know, promote growth and brain development.

Your baby’s first year is an important and critical stage in life. This is why so much emphasis is placed on having a wide range of nursery light fixtures. It’s good to have light fixtures for ambient lighting, area lighting, subdued nursery lighting and en route lighting installed pre-delivery.

Ambient lighting serves to brighten up an entire nursery. The most popular lighting fixtures are nursery chandeliers, mini chandeliers, recessed baby ceiling lighting, hanging nursery lamps, children’s ceiling fans, wall baby lamps and wall sconces.

For specific tasks performed in the nursery, such as feeding and diaper changing, area light is necessary. You will want to shed a bright, concentrated light on a specific area without flooding the whole space with glaring light, or you might stimulate your sleepy baby’s senses and cause him to wake up. To give you that bright ray of light, you may want to use wall sconces, baby floor lamps, floor chandeliers or table nursery lamps.

There will be unavoidable moments when your baby will need you in the middle of the night. As parents, you will need a soft nursery light to guide you as you are moving around the room. Additionally, a soft light will not wake up your baby, nor will it aggravate him. Your choices for soft nursery lights range from a ceiling light with a dimmer switch, plugged-in night lights, a night light lamp, fairy lights, paper lanterns with lights inside, a teddy night light, a monorail that comes with a night light, or a soft light show.

The last element of lighting you need to consider for the nursery is en route lighting. A dim glow that lights the path from your room to your baby’s room will save you from having to switch on all the lights, affecting your sleep later on in the evening. En route lighting is a preventative measure that parents can use against accidents like stubbed toes.

These explanations justify why each kind of light needs to be present in the nursery. If in other rooms, lighting primarily serves aesthetic purposes, it is not so in the nursery. The right kind of light and the right kind of light fixtures will improve your and your baby’s nightly routine. The right kind of lighting in your nursery is just one more assurance that your baby grows up as healthy and happy as he can with your guidance and, of course, excellent light fixtures!

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