solar landscape lights

Technology moves along ever faster, and that means continual improvement for eco friendly solar panels and LED light bulbs, both of which are key components to all exterior solar lighting.  It has gotten to the point where a high quality solar light fixture using an energy-sipping LED light bulb can last for eight or more hours per charge, often at strengths that approach conventional lighting.

If the weather has you thinking about installing an outdoor lighting system in the garden, solar garden lights may have a part to play if you’re looking to save energy.  Here are four kinds of solar landscape lights you can expect to find:

Lighting up your landscape with Best Solar Path Lights

You have surely seen these before–they line many a garden pathway.  Available in all kinds of shapes, sizes and colors, they now come with a dusk to dawn sensor that tells the light when to light up and when to recharge the battery.  Not only can you opt for short lights with a spike you put into the ground, but also other options such as hanging lanterns, and they all suit the same purpose of providing a lighting aura to assist you in finding your way along any pathway.

Solar Path Lights

Solar Post Lights

Think of the romantic Victorian gaslights that used to line the streets before electricity made them obsolete.  Available in all kinds of materials, such as aluminum, brass, or iron, among others, these large LED solar post lights recreate the nostalgia of years gone by in a far more energy efficient manner. Not only do they bear a solar sensor and rechargeable battery, but each fixture will likely also have a series of reflecting plates to magnify the available light.  These lights are understandably much more expensive than other options, but if you have the budget and the right spot in your garden to put them, they can make a marvelous addition to light your yard at night.

Solar Spot Lights

If security or a spotlight on an object is more your concern, solar LED lights have something for you, too.  Either way, you need a powerful light that can be brought to bear on either your beautiful fountain or that burglar lurking in your bushes.  The joint feature these lights share in common is that they are actually comprised of multiple LED bulbs.  A security light may have 80 or more of these tiny bulbs that together make for an overpowering light that will stop illegal activity in its tracks.  A spotlight to highlight a garden feature or tree only needs about three or so bulbs to achieve the intended effect.  Solar security lights have the added benefit of coming with motion sensors, which will turn the light on exactly when it is needed.

Solar Specialty Lights

The last category catches everything else that can be grouped generally under the term of “decorative lighting”.  Only your imagination limits what you can choose.  You can find tiny pinnacle lights, stepping stone lights, water feature lights, little lanterns, and a multitude of lights in various shapes and colors to make your garden shine at night–but you will need something else for more powerful guiding or spot lights.

In short, there is something for everyone and for every need when it comes to eco friendly solar landscape lights. Whether you need decoration, a spot light, or lights that show the way, you should consider how much energy you would save by going “off the grid” in your backyard and relying on the power of the sun.


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