Amazing Patio Lighting Ideas

Patio Lighting Ideas

Your patio is one of the most used outdoor areas of your home.  It’s really an extension of your house and functions more as an additional room than as a part of your yard.  Your patio can be used to cook up a barbecue, entertain people, eat your meals, or just as a tranquil place to relax after a long day and read a book or sip some drinks.  With myriad ways you can use your patio why would you want the sun to dictate when you can and can’t use it?  Using some great patio lighting ideas, you can brighten your patio area and give it a character of its own at night.

When you’re trying to come up with great patio lighting ideas you need to first take into account the size of your patio.  How many lights will it actually take for the patio to be lit?  Also think about what type of mood your want to set and what you are going to be using your patio for.  If you’re planning on having romantic dinners the lighting that you’ll want to install will be much different than if you were planning on reading or setting up an outdoor bar.  If you are planning on installing an bar, the outdoor bar guide is a great resource for setup and lighting options.  Once you’ve decided what level and color of light that you want, you can move on to installing the light fixtures.

The Top Patio Lighting Fixtures

  • Torches – torches work very well on patios, especially for parties and other special occasions,  They set a great mood, give off natural light, and are very popular.  They may however be a bit impractical for everyday use.
  • Embedded Lighting – Embedded lighting is becoming more and more popular.  Lights can be put into furniture, stairs, railings, or even the tops of umbrellas.  This hides the light fixture while as the same time giving you ambient light to work with.  The major problem with these lights is they can be incredibly hard to change once they are installed.
  • Mounted Lights and Post Lights – Mounted lights can be placed on stairs, railings, or just used to line the edge of your patio.  They work well and come in an incredible array of shape, colors, sizes, and power so you’re sure to find one that works with your lighting style on your patio.  Mounted pole lights work much in the same way, but you much find a place to install the pole instead of placing them on objects you already have.
  • Wall Lights – If you patio is close to your home or another structure you can use wall lights to light up the façade of the wall or cast light out in to the areas that you plan on using.
  • Festive lighting – Don’t forget to use festive lighting as well.  You can install Christmas lights, lit up pumpkins for Halloween, and any number of other decorative lights to get you and your family in the mood for whatever holiday is coming up.

These ideas should help you get started in lighting up your patio and will be a great addition to any garden lights that you have currently in your landscape.  When you’re laying out your patio lights and applying any other patio ideas, don’t forget to light up any hazard that are around your patio, including stairs and other objects, to prevent unwanted accidents at night.


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